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Suwannee Commissioners vote for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

By Tami Stevenson

As a reaction to the horrific mass shootings in Florida and elsewhere in the nation in the last few years, gun control activists are vying harder than ever to disarm American citizens. Some Florida Counties, along with other counties in at least 4 other states, with others joining almost daily, are fighting back and making their voices heard by signing a resolution declaring Second Amendment sanctuary. Some news sources are even calling it a ‘Movement’ in the nation.

Suwannee County is one of those. Suwannee Commissioners unanimously declared Second Amendment sanctuary in a resolution at the November 18 meeting. Suwannee is the second county in the state to proclaim Second Amendment sanctuary.

Lake County was the first, unanimously approving a resolution on November 5. Since then Marion County, Bradford County and Clay County have passed the resolution and many other counties have it listed on there meeting agendas.

A resolution is not a law.

“It is the board’s way of standing up and letting our state and federal representatives know that we believe in the second amendment and want it upheld. Just one way of making our voices heard, letting them know we support it. We need to speak up and let them know where we stand, the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” said Commission Chair Ricky Gamble in a phone interview, Friday. He stated his office received a lot of calls from residents about passing this after Lake County passed theirs.

Gamble said they obtained a copy of Lake County’s resolution and gave it to their attorney. He then wrote up a resolution for Suwannee County.

“We put it on the agenda for the last board meeting and it unanimously passed,” he added.

Because it is not a law, some are calling it symbolic, but Gamble said it means more than that. “It is the board and Suwannee County taking a stance that we believe in the second amendment, that it is our right. We believe it needs to be protected and upheld. This is our way of letting legislatures know we are not going to take this lying down.” He added that it is the right thing to do. It is our Second Amendment rights. “I’ve said it before, if the Second Amendment goes away, nothing else stands. It protects our freedoms.”

History teaches us that the first thing a dictatorship or communist country does is disarm their citizens. We are not a dictatorship and we are not communist, we are Americans and we are free.

“When you have an armed public, the government serves the people. When you disarm the citizens, they become servants of the government.” The lawbreakers continue to break the law while law abiding citizens have no way of protecting or defending themselves.

It will be hard not to get the attention of state and national lawmakers with so many counties and so many states following suit. These are the principles and guidelines the country was founded on and the people have not only the right to defend it, but the responsibility to see that it is defended.

Many citizens wonder – if some of the victims in these mass shootings would have been armed, how different would the outcomes have been? How many lives might have been saved?