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Senator Baxley Speaks at Suwannee GOP

Senator Dennis Baxley, FL D12, holds up a marriage education booklet to give newlyweds the tools they need to succeed in marriage. The Senator expects to file a Bill to make this available to Floridians. -Photo by Jamie Siegmeister

By Columnist Jamie Siegmeister

Senator Dennis Baxley spoke at the monthly Suwannee GOP meeting on November 7th. Senator Baxley represents District 12 which consists of Sumter, parts of Lake and Marion counties. Even though Live Oak is far from the Senator’s District, he made a special trip to speak at a regular meeting.

Dear Reader, I forget how long I have been involved in Republican Party politics until I look back on photographs and see how my youth and naivety are fading. Today, I have a few more wrinkles, my first real set of crows feet and a small furrow beginning above my brow. The battles have really taken their toll on my friends in Washington DC and Tallahassee. The most reliable conservatives have taken the worst beatings and I have no idea what keeps them signing up for more. In my opinion, no state senator has been more maligned by moral cowards than Senator Dennis Baxley. He is a friend to everyone and believes in God and America. Dear Reader, I wish you would have been at the meeting. Senator Baxley’s speeches are miraculous. His words pack a wallop and they make you want to be a better American on the front lines. Will you come to our meeting next time?

Our regular turnout at meetings is respectable but with so much at stake in our country and for a man who traveled so far, I was quite disappointed that I didn’t personally reach out to more people. We could have all grown wiser together.

Dear Reader, I’m reaching out to you now. Our Suwannee GOP meetings are the first Thursday of every month at 7pm, at Live Oak City Hall. The next meeting will be in January. Jennifer Bradley, a candidate for our Florida Senate District will be the speaker.

On the way out, I apologized to the Senator for the low turnout and his long drive home. He told me about Gideon. Let this letter be the trumpets sounding.