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Florida is now hands-free in school and work zones
As of October 1, Florida motorists can be stopped for holding a wireless device in a designated school crossing, school zone or active work zone.

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As of October 1, all motorists are required to put down their cell phones and electronic devices through school and work zones. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) warns motorists will be stopped if they are not operating a motor vehicle in a hands-free manner in a designated school crossing, school zone or active work zone area in Florida.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), along with FHP issued a reminder, Monday, for motorists.

“Failing to pay attention in school zones, school crossings and active work zones can have devastating consequences,” said FLHSMV Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. “Driving through these areas requires all of your attention and I implore motorists to pay attention to their surroundings and focus on driving.”

Drivers using a wireless communications device in a school crossing, school zone or active work zone will be issued warnings through December 31, 2019. Starting January 1, 2020, drivers will be cited for using any wireless communication devices in a handheld manner in these designated areas.

The Wireless Communications While Driving Law became effective July 1, 2019. From July 1 through September 24, 2019, there have been 463 warnings issued by Florida Highway Patrol for texting and driving. From July 1 through September 22, 2019, there have been 605 citations issued statewide by all law enforcement agencies for texting and driving. FLHSMV has released educational tear sheets to law enforcement agencies statewide to help disseminate messaging about the campaign.

A statewide Put It Down: Focus on Driving campaign aims to raise awareness of and encourage compliance with the Wireless Communications While Driving Law. You can follow the campaign on social media with the hashtags #PutItDown and #FocusOnDrivingFL.