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NFC’s new Live Oak location is now official

By Tami Stevenson

The Union Depot and Atlantic Coast Line Freight Station is a historic site in Live Oak. Today, it is celebrated as the new satellite location of North Florida College (NFC). More than 200 Suwannee County residents, along with county and city officials, attended the event to show their support earlier this month when NFC held their grand opening at the historic location.

“It’s an exciting time,” exclaimed North Florida College President John Grosskopf. “We are thrilled to be here.”
Streams of visitors kept coming as the jam-packed train depot bursted at its seams with guests excited about the college extending classes to Live Oak. The overflow gathered at the passenger depot located behind the Suwannee County Historical Museum where a long table of inviting hors d’oeuvres and refreshments waited for guests to savour allowing everyone a chance to mingle.

The new classroom is also set up with a teleconferencing system that links with the classrooms at the home campus in Madison. There is a camera installed at the Live Oak location so the teacher at the Madison campus can see this classroom while they are teaching a class. And the reverse can happen as well. They can teach a class in Live Oak and it can be seen and taken by students at the Madison location at the same time.

Four core college classes are offered for the fall term 2019 in Live Oak: College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Freshman English I and a free Strategies in Student Success class. As an extra bonus, the regular $20 NFC admission application fee will be waived for anyone completing an application for admission in Live Oak during the month of July, so get your applications in now.

“We are looking forward to growing a positive relationship. Our mission is to be responsive, so what you see on our fall schedule are our suggestions for what our first step is. But ultimately what is going to happen here–is whatever your community tells us needs to happen here–so when you have enough people who are asking for particular courses and programs, we are going to respond,” Grosskopf explained.

Grosskopf has held the position as president for the last 11 years. He grew up in Miami but now resides in Madison County. His mother’s family immigrated here from Cuba and his father’s family immigrated here from Germany. He is the first in his family to be born in this country and to finish high school, so he understands the importance of a good education.

“That’s why I value what we do here because I cannot even think of where my sisters and I would be if we hadn’t had an opportunity to get an education, to get a skill set to get us out of poverty. So that’s our motivation doing what we do.”

He said their mission is service. There was a need that was clearly expressed to them by the residents of Suwannee County and so they are here to do what they can to meet that need.      

RIVEROAK Technical College, of Live Oak, has partnered with them and they do not have duplicated programs. Eventually, one of the things Grosskopf would like to do is to have NFC’s advisors understand RIVEROAK’s classes and programs enough that NFC’s advisors can not only give them a brochure about RIVEROAK, but call and set up an appointment for the student right there if the classes they are looking for are offered there. He added that as long as you have people and hands working together, you have a better chance to serve that student.

Summer hours for the North Florida College Live Oak location are Monday-Thursday from 10:30 AM until 6:30 PM and Friday from 1-5 PM. All are invited to stop in and find out more about the college, classes offered in Live Oak, and how to get started with enrollment, financial aid and registering for classes. Enrollment, financial aid and academic advising assistance is available each day in Live Oak, however additional advisors and enrollment specialists will be on location every Wednesday from 10:30 AM until 3 PM.
For more information about the college’s new Live Oak location, contact Tina Tucker at 386-364-5093, email

North Florida College President John Grosskopf , center, with Live Oak Mayor Frank Davis cutting the ribbon at the new Live Oak satellite location.        -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

Congratulations were in order after the cutting of the ribbon.     -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

The overflow gathered at the museum for refreshments and enjoyed visiting with friends and acquaintances.      -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

-SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

Kim Scarboro, Director, College Advancement with North Florida College President John Grosskopf. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson