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19th Annual Suwannee CARES Celebration
Farmers from the Suwannee and Santa Fe River Basins Recognized for Environmental Leadership

CARES event at UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center-Suwannee Valley.
-Photo: Courtesy Florida Farm Bureau

Florida Farm Bureau

Eleven farmers and ranchers were honored for their environmental stewardship with a County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship (CARES) award on May 2 at the UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center-Suwannee Valley during the 19th Annual Suwannee CARES Celebration.

This year’s Suwannee CARES recipients included:
Alachua County - William McGehee
Bradford County - Andrew Strickland
Columbia County - Troy Moseley
Gilchrist County - Mark Bishop
Hamilton County - Ryan McCulley
Jefferson County - Ben White
Lafayette County - Adrian Land
Madison County - Buck Carpenter
Suwannee County - Cliff Starling
Taylor County - Andy Jackson
Union County - Justin Howard

The CARES program was established by Florida Farm Bureau and the Suwannee River Partnership in 2001 to recognize superior natural resource conservation by agricultural producers.  The program relies on action by farmers and ranchers to implement state-of-the-art natural resource management systems, or Best Management Practices, on their properties.

More than 600 families and community members gather to recognize farmers and ranchers from inside the Suwannee River Basin who demonstrate outstanding environmental stewardship.  Florida Farm Bureau’s CARES program greatly appreciates the more than 60 partners who come together to host this recognition event each year!

“Florida’s farmers and ranchers answer the call to protect our environment while also producing our food supply,” said Florida Farm Bureau CARES Coordinator Cacee Hilliard.  “Demonstrating outstanding efforts to implement practices that reduce water and nutrient use and also improve water quality is the basis for a producer being awarded a This Farm CARES designation and sign.  The customized CARES sign is a farmer/rancher’s tool to demonstrate to the general public that they are committed to protecting local natural resources.”

Florida’s farmers and ranchers depend upon the life-sustaining capacity of the natural resources they manage to maintain their livelihoods. Nearly 800 agriculturists statewide have received the CARES award since the program was established.

CARES has become a model for the rest of the nation. The program has a partnerships with more than 60 public agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource and Conservation Service, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida’s water management districts, agricultural organizations, businesses and local governments