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Former SRWMD Executive Director Reappointed as Secretary of DEP

Office of the Governor

Governor Ron DeSantis announced, Friday, the appointment of Noah Valenstein to serve as the Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Noah Valenstein, Former SRWMD Executive Director.

-Photo: Courtesy of Florida Department of Environmental Protection

   “I’m pleased to announce that I have appointed Noah Valenstein to continue to lead the Department of Environmental Protection,” said Governor DeSantis. “Noah has led DEP with distinction and has played an integral role in implementing my vision to protect and restore Florida’s environment. I’m confident his continued leadership will bolster our efforts to take decisive action on behalf of the people of Florida.”

Noah Valenstein has served as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection since May 23, 2017, when he was appointed by Governor Rick Scott. Prior to being Secretary, Noah served as the Executive Director of the Suwannee River Water Management District. Secretary Valenstein has years of experience working on environmental issues in the Executive Office of the Governor, the Florida House of Representatives, and with some of Florida’s leading environmental non-profits. Secretary Valenstein graduated from the University of Florida’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Florida State University College of Law.

   “This is a great move by Governor DeSantis for Florida’s environment,” said Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director of Audubon Florida. “Secretary Valenstein is a Florida-grown conservationist and has the experience with the science and politics of Florida’s environment to make real progress for our state. During his brief tenure at DEP, we’ve already seen Florida Forever funding restored to $100 million, strategic springs restoration projects implemented, and DEP stepping up to drive state efforts on sea level rise adaptation. Secretary Valenstein was a breath of fresh air when he arrived at DEP, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in an administration with such a commitment to meeting Florida’s water and other conservation challenges.”

   “We at The Nature Conservancy are thrilled to be able to continue to work with Secretary Valenstein and thank Governor DeSantis for his reappointment,” said Temperince Morgan, Executive Director of the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. “Under his leadership, the Department of Environmental Protection has partnered with The Nature Conservancy to advance coastal resilience efforts and further the conservation and preservation of critical habitats and watersheds. We are looking forward to exciting new opportunities to partner with DEP to conserve and protect our precious natural resources.”