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Recounts Yield Same
–Defeated Concede

By Tami Stevenson

The fiercely contested Florida election results yielded no quarter. After all the lawsuits and recounts, the results basically remain the same as the general election outcome give or take a few margins.

Rick Scott (R) won the Senate race over incumbent Bill Nelson (D), who officially conceded on Sunday in a taped video.

Ron DeSantis (R) won the gubernatorial race over Andrew Gillum (D). Gillum conceded for a second time last Saturday.

Nikki Fried (D) will be our next Commissioner of Agriculture over Matt Caldwell (R), the only Republican to lose in these top three statewide races.

The recounts may not have changed the outcome of the election but managed to shed light on some rumored corruption, cheating and faulty practices at election precincts, particularly in Broward County. Especially after they somehow managed to turn their first recount in two minutes late making its machine recount tally void with rumors that, if on time, would have given Scott nearly 800 more votes, not Nelson. Many are calling for Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes’ resignation.

Locally, recounts went off in Columbia County without a hitch. Supervisor of Elections Liz Horne said yesterday there were between 19 and 22 people that came to observe the recounts, with local and out of town lawyers along with concerned citizens from both Republican and Democratic Parties. She said it took two days for the machine recount and two days for the manual recount.

Suwannee County had a slight hiccup when they found a 33 vote difference on the vote by mail machine. However, after calling the company that services the machines, they walked them through re-calibration over the phone and the votes came out the same twice.

“We will definitely have it serviced before we conduct another election,” said Supervisor of Elections Glenda Williams. “But we’re very comfortable that the numbers we got with the recount are the correct numbers.”

Williams said six or seven observers came to watch staff count the ballots which included some local lawyers and a couple out of town lawyers from both sides. All in all, everything went well. It took only one day each for the machine and manual recounts for Suwannee County.

Rick Scott wins Senate race.
-Courtesy Photo

Ron DeSantis wins race for Governor -Courtesy Photo

Nikki Fried will be our next Commissioner of Agriculture
-Courtesy Photo