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Ron DeSantis, candidate for Governor, will speak at Live Oak rally this weekend

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Ron DeSantis, Candidate for Governor of Florida.
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The Campaign of Ron DeSantis, Republican candidate for Governor of the State of Florida, has announced that he will be attending the Jump on the Trump Train Rally at the Live Oak Train Depot Museum on October 27th  2018.

The DeSantis election committee announced their intentions to participate in the Rally and contacted the Republican Party of Suwannee County. Layne Schultetus, member of the Suwannee REC and Republican Committee, and State committee Woman Chris Summerlin were extremely pleased at the announcement.

Schultetus said, “We are very excited that Mr. DeSantis has decided to join us and give the citizens in Suwannee County and other North Central Florida counties a chance to hear and meet Ron in an historical  venue like the old Rail Road Depot and enjoy a good political rally.”

Ron DeSantis is a native born Floridian, growing up in Dunedin, Florida, and a Harvard Law School Graduate. He served in the United States Navy as a JAG officer (Judge Advocate Group).  He was a United States Congressman who made the decision to run for Governor. 

Since joining Congress, DeSantis has been a leader on issues ranging from government accountability, fiscal responsibility, terrorism and constitutional issues. As the chairman of the National Security subcommittee, Ron has spearheaded efforts to reform the VA, support Israel and combat threats from rogue states like Iran and North Korea.

DeSantis lives in Palm Coast, Florida with his wife Casey, an Emmy award-winning television host, and their daughter, Madison. They are expecting a baby boy this spring. 

He will face off against Andrew Gilium (Dem) in the November 6th election. 

Summerlin would like to remind everyone how important it is to vote.  Weather it is early voting, absentee voting by mail or showing up at the polls on November 6th.