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Death toll rises to 19 from Hurricane Michael and is expected to increase

Staff Reports

Six days after Hurricane Michael ravaged the Eastern United States 19 people have been found dead throughout four states. Eight of these deaths are in Florida. All efforts are focused on finding survivors as dozens of people are still reported missing.

     Officials told reporters it could take more than a year to recover Mexico Beach.

     Further inland counties and towns are virtually cut off with roads blocked from downed trees and debris, leaving residents that stayed trapped in their homes.

     Officials are saying power could be out for more than a month.

     Everyone that is able, including the National Guard called in by Governor Scott, is doing everything possible to find the missing, get supplies to those they can reach, clear the roadways and restore power.

     Helicopters are dropping food and supplies into the areas they cannot reach by vehicle in the panhandle.

     President Trump toured the panhandle yesterday. He approved a major disaster declaration which will enable more funding for recovery efforts.

     Read letters from Governor Scott concerning the men and women in the National Guard, click here.


Hurricane Michael destroys panhandle

Staff Reports

Hurricane Michael has ravaged the panhandle with destruction continuing up the eastern United States. When it hit Mexico Beach on October 10, 2018, it was recorded as the strongest hurricane ever to hit the panhandle and the third strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. in recorded history, according to the Weather Channel (155 mph winds, Category 4 – only two miles per hour under a Category 5). The strongest since 1969 with Hurricane Camille.

Ground zero, was Mexico Beach. It obliterated the city, leveling houses, businesses and everything in its wake. Panama City did not fair much better but was on the western side of the storm which they say is considered the good side.

Early Thursday morning Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm as it currently moves through the Carolinas. It is expected to continue to weaken and move back into the Atlantic.

There have been two deaths reported. With massive power outages and relatives searching for missing loved ones in the aftermath of what looks like a war zone on the panhandle, they are hoping to find everyone alive and safe.

Thousands of residents, first responders, police and others have come together from nearby states to help find the missing, get the roads cleared of debris and take much needed water and other supplies to the devastated areas. Power companies from neighboring states have joined together in a massive restoration effort to reinstate power to residents and businesses that could be ongoing for weeks.

The Suwannee Valley suffered some tornadoes and power outages, but nothing like the devastation in Mexico Beach and Panama City.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this horrific hurricane.