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REC Rally
Jump on the Trump Train

By Tami Stevenson

With the majority of Suwannee County’s major leaders, politicians and voters being Republican today, many are excited about the upcoming elections. They realize the Republican Party is more in line with most citizen’s moral values, traditional family attitudes, free market, economy and business growth. Many are turning from Democrat to Republican all over the nation in spite of negative press coverage.

The Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee (REC) is proud to announce it is sponsoring a political rally, “Jump on the Trump Train,” October 27, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Train Depot in Live Oak. Everyone that would like to know more about the Republican Party and their local candidates is invited to attend this family friendly event. Committee members are gearing up for what they hope to be the most well attended rally to date. They will feature live bluegrass music by the Kentucky Sleepy Hollow Band along with other events that are sure to keep guests entertained as well as informed and up to date about our local, state and national candidates.

They will have a dunk booth where some local elected officials have already committed to be dunked to help earn money for the Republican Party – Police Chief Buddy Williams, Sheriff St. Johns, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Ricky Gamble and others.

Jamie Siegmeister, Suwannee REC Fundraising Coordinator and Precinct 5 Committeewoman, said,

“They have agreed to be dunked in October weather to raise money and – so we can all have some fun. Too often we’re caught up with a lot of contrary-ness but we have fun together as Republicans. We believe in America. We are able to stand for the pledge and hear a great national anthem, have a prayer and have a nice dinner together. This is really like Republican fellowship too.”

Barbeque pork dinners will be available by Bob’s Butts. Tickets will soon go on sale for the barbeque dinners. The cost is $10 and will help raise funds for the local REC.

“You do not have to buy a ticket in order to attend, but we are hoping you will because all of the proceeds will go to the Republican Party of Suwannee County,” said REC President Sherri Ortega.

There will also be a cake auction and gift basket auction. If anyone wishes to donate a cake for the cake auction or a gift basket, please contact Ginger at 386-209-2712 while there is still plenty of time before the rally.

Key note speaker Colonel Mike McCalister, United States Army (Ret.) and National spokesman for Citizens For Trump. -Photo: Submitted

The keynote speaker for the day will be Colonel Mike McCalister, United States Army (Ret.) and National spokesman for Citizens For Trump. According to his bio, McCalister is a God fearing, America loving, flag waving, gun owning, pro-life, retired 33-year Army Colonel. He has spoken to groups and organizations throughout the state of Florida and serves as a featured speaker on nationally televised major events and leadership conferences. He has appeared on influential Evangelical program broadcasts as well.

Jamie Siegmeister has heard him speak and had this to say about him – Colonel Mike McCalister is a tremendous free speaker and gives a rousing pro-American speech. You definitely want to become a better American when you hear him speak. I think it will be an afternoon well spent.

Sherri Ortega added, ”My biggest concern (is that when) people start to see us win, as our president says – we are going to get sick of winning. I don’t want us to get sick of winning, because when we get sick of winning we become complacent. We keep saying over and over this is the most important election ever, because it is. They are all very, very important when you see what is at stake.” She stated that many people in other countries don’t even have the right to vote. Many Americans become complacent and don’t want to get out and vote or fill out and remember to mail their absentee ballot. But we cannot afford to be complacent any longer. There is too much at stake and America seems to be getting that. They are becoming painfully aware.

Ortega, who has been the president of the REC since 2012, encourages voters to attend the rally “Jump On The Trump Train,” at the Live Oak Train Depot, on October 27, for a family fun and informative day. She also would like to invite Republican voters and those who are curious about the party to come to the REC meetings and learn more about the candidates and learn what the group itself is all about. Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Live Oak City Hall.