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Employment rate so high holiday hiring may be problem

By Tami Stevenson

Unemployment is at a record low. The U.S. economy is at its longest-ever streak of job growth and it continues to grow.

The main news media is buzzing over how Macys, Target, UPS, Walmart and other major companies may have trouble finding part-time help during the holiday season because so many more people have jobs today, but no mention of where this all came from.

What a great problem to have. Thank you, President Donald J. Trump.

With the economy being so strong, holiday sales are expected to be considerably higher this year than last year. Retailers offering higher wages and paid time off to attract part-time employees is even being discussed and implemented.

Target, for instance, is offering a starting pay of $12 per hour, along with other perks, for its part-time workers this holiday season that are normally only reserved for full-time employees. It plans to hire 120,000 people, which is a 20 percent increase over last year. Gap intends to hire 65,000 seasonal workers and UPS plans to bring 100,000 seasonal workers on board.