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Self-Protection Seminar Scheduled for June 9

Defensive Firearms and Training Academy (DFTA) will present a seminar on June 9, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., at the historic Passenger Depot, at Heritage Square in Live Oak. The seminar, which is a hybrid course integrating firearms awareness and self-protection, is designed for both concealed weapon carriers and non-carriers alike.

According to Martial Arts Instructor Jack Blair, attackers have a plan. That, along with potential victims being unprepared in the unfortunate event of an attack, has been a constant concern for Blair. “If the assailant has a plan, why shouldn’t the intended victim?” Blair asked rhetorically.

With over three decades of martial arts and self-protection training and studies, the martial artist recognizes that strategic and concentrated training can equip potential victims with a plan that will help prevent them from becoming another statistic of a violent crime.

“Through effectively deflecting an assailant’s advancement and countering his or her aggression, a potential victim can escape serious harm or injury,” Blair explained. “With just a few simple techniques, potential victims can quickly overcome an aggressor in an unwanted confrontation,” he added.

Firearms Instructor Jeffry Boatright shares Blair’s concern that many potential victims are frequently unprepared when self-protection becomes necessary. Blair and Boatright further recognize that a number of law abiding citizens with concealed weapon permits often have a false sense of security when it comes to adequately protecting themselves.

“Certainly, we advocate our Second Amendment rights, and are proponents of concealed carry. However, retrieving a weapon isn’t always a viable option,” Boatright acknowledged.

“Every situation is different,” Blair added. “Confrontations happen fast and circumstances will not always be conducive to using a firearm. There simply might not be enough time to draw a weapon.”

According to Boatright, there are a number of places that a firearm cannot be legally carried, even with a concealed weapon permit. He also pointed out the potential risks of harming innocent bystanders if using a firearm becomes necessary.
With these concerns in mind, Blair and Boatright began cross training in 2016 to develop this hybrid course. “It is where self-protection and firearms safety converge,” Boatright stated.

“The course does focus on self-protection techniques, but weapon retention and disarmament are integrated into the curriculum, as well.

“Because every scenario is different, we offer participants a variety of viable options,” Blair explained. “The course helps prepare participants in defending against and disabling an attacker.”

“Even if time does permit, using lethal force isn’t necessarily the right choice,” Blair added. “We can offer a number of techniques that will quickly end a confrontation, allowing the intended victim to seek safety.”

The five-hour seminar places a strong emphasis on circumventing physical confrontations and violence. Blair and Boatright agree that the best resolution to any confrontation is to avoid it. “We certainly do not promote violence, nor do we advocate aggression. We encourage safety and self-protection,” Boatright said.

Participants will have the opportunity to work through practical training during the seminar to refine the techniques that are taught. According to Blair, the course and training is compatible to adults of all ages. “You don’t have to be skilled in combat or physically strong to benefit from this seminar,” he stressed. “It is an ideal training opportunity for individuals, and even groups. Certainly, this training could prove beneficial for educators, or even church members. Sadly, there is much danger and uncertainty in the world today.”

Defensive Firearms and Training Academy does offer basic pistol safety courses for potential holders of a concealed weapon permit. Boatright acknowledged, however, that this course is not designed for that. “Due to the nature of this course, and its location, there will be neither live ammunition nor actual firearms used in this training.”

For more information, or to register early for this seminar, please contact Jack Blair at (386) 209-0096 or Jeffry Boatright at (386) 208-3469.