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Bystander Obstructs Traffic Crash Investigation, Arrested

Submitted by Lake City Police Department

Lake City, Fla., - LCPD: On Thursday, May 3, 2018, Officer Arielle Peterson, a member of the Lake City Police Department’s Traffic Oriented Policing (TOP) Unit, responded to 127 NW Main Blvd regarding a traffic crash. When she arrived, she found two vehicles which had been involved in the accident and began to conduct a crash investigation.

As Officer Peterson spoke with the drivers, a man later identified as Derek Snead, 47, of Tallahassee, approached the crash on foot and interrupted her. Snead reportedly told one driver not to answer any questions and told her to roll up her window. After verifying Snead was not involved in the traffic crash, he was warned against obstructing the investigation and ordered to leave the area. Snead replied, “I know my rights,” and refused to leave the crash scene. Additional officers responded and Snead was detained after he continued obstructing the crash investigation.

After being restrained, Snead told officers his vehicle was parked nearby, and that he had unattended animals inside. As they checked the vehicle Snead indicated, they discovered that it was unregistered, and that the tag attached to it was registered to a different vehicle. Further investigation revealed that Snead had recently purchased the vehicle and, according to the vehicle’s previous owner, outright refused to register it.

Snead was arrested and transported to the Columbia County Jail on charges of Obstructing an Officer without Violence and Attaching a Tag Not Assigned. Snead’s two dogs were turned over to a friend who arrived at the scene, and his vehicle was impounded.