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MADISON, Fla.  - Investigators with Madison Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement yesterday apprehended three suspects after a home invasion robbery left another suspect dead.  Keosha Lewis, 20, and Selena Murray, 18, are charged with armed burglary. Charges of felony murder and armed burglary are pending against Jeremiah Davis, 21.

Yesterday morning four suspects entered a home on Mandina Avenue occupied by a male and female victim.  The suspects tied-up the woman and beat the man.  Suspect Davis was armed with a gun and threatened the victims.  The male victim was able to retrieve his firearm and shoot the suspects, killing one and injuring another.

Suspects Lewis and Murray were not injured, fled the home and were arrested a few hours later.  A bystander drove suspect Jamescya Pringle, 19, to Madison County Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced deceased on arrival.  Davis, who was shot in the leg, was later located and transported to the hospital.

Lewis and Murray were booked into the Madison County Jail.  Davis remains hospitalized and is expected to make a full recovery.  The male victim is recovering from his injuries, while the female victim was not injured.


Woman found dead from gunshot, another wounded in Madison

Staff Reports

MADISON, Fla. – According to a report from Florida Department of Law Enforcement, investigators with Madison Police Department and the FDLE are investigating the death of a woman, who was found shot in a vehicle that was parked and left abandoned at the Madison County Memorial Hospital this morning.

Shortly after investigators located a man with a gunshot wound.  He was treated at the hospital for a non-life-threatening injury.  The incidents appear to be related.

North Florida Community College and James Madison Preparatory High School went on lockdown as a precautionary measure.

According to WCTV, the incident took place over a span of about a mile, near NE Pyrus Street and NE Madina Avenue. Police had a home roped off where they found a man hiding in the bushes and was taken into custody.

Police continue to search for two others they believe were involved in the incident.  The investigation continues.