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Hundreds of pet lovers enjoyed Wuffstock 2018

Dogs raced to their owners as onlookers cheered them on. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

The many dog races were a popular event at Wuffstock.  - SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

This little one was not going to let a little handicap stop them! -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson

By Tami Stevenson

The fifth annual Wuffstock Festival was held last Saturday at Darby Pavilion on Lake DeSoto in Lake City. Drawing hundreds of dog lovers from the surrounding areas to take part in the many dog races, smooching contests, best dressed contests, raffles and even a doggy parade the Covenant Pet Trust fundraiser offered.

Pam Taylor is co-founder of Covenant Pet Trust. The non-profit organization is run completely by volunteers. Although they are not a rescue, they foster pets in their homes, most are pre-arranged from hospice – from those who have passed on or because of health reasons, can no longer care for their animal. They plan for anything non-venomous.

“Anyone wanting to have planning for their pets – dogs, cats, snakes, horses, cows, donkeys, rodents. As long as it’s non-venomous. We help anyone who wants to make a plan for their pet. We also have an adoption program,” said Taylor.

Volunteers work anywhere from 10 - 30 hours per week. “We have some great people but we need more,” she stated.

They do not have an office, but because of their work with hospice, Taylor said the situations are so fluid they really need more people willing to foster pets more than they need a facility/office space.

Covenant Pet Trust has several programs in the Columbia County area. They have a trap neuter and return for a community cats program and sponsor a pet food bank once a week at Escambia Street food bank where they provide food for approximately 300-400 pets.

Wuffstock is one of their top fundraisers each year. Many bring their pets just to begin acclimating them with other dogs and other people.

“It’s a great way to associate with other dogs,” said Roger Long, who brought two German Shepherd puppies for a day of fun and mingling with other dogs and people.

For more information about Covenant Pet Trust or to discuss planning for your pet, contact them at 386-288-1339 or email

Pet related vendors and organizations lined up on Lake DeSoto next to Darby Pavilion during the fifth annual Wuffstock fundraiser for Covenant Pet Trust. -SVT Photos all by Tami Stevenson

Owners call to their pets from the other end of the track as the dogs anxiously run to their humans during one of the many dog races at Wuffstock last Saturday.

Above Photo: Out enjoying the day standing in front of Lake City Humane Society booth – Hannah, left, with service dog Valor and owner John Hollingsworth, retired Navy Veteran of Lake City. When they get home and Valor’s vest comes off he is the perfect family dog. John has had him for three years. Valor will be five years old in April and has been a fantastic service dog.

Kringle (a Christmas puppy) was enjoying watching the other dogs race with owners Dan and Leslie Gautieri.

Carol Plant, above, out for a training exercise with Eloin-i, a Korean word meaning “Little One.”

Watching the dog races at Wuffstock under the Darby Pavilion on Lake DeSoto last Saturday. Most everyone brought their pets to watch and be with other people and dogs.