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Suwannee County Tourist Development Council
Worknest (Conference Room)
100 Court Street SE
Live Oak, Florida 32064


February 27, 2018, 1:00 P.M.


The TDC may add additional items to this agenda

Affirmative action on any item includes authorization of Chairman's signature (or designee) on all associated documents

Individual speakers from the audience, upon recognition by the Chairman, will be allowed three (3) minutes to speak

Groups or Factions representing a position on a proposition, or issue, are required to select a single representative or spokesperson who, upon recognition by the Chairman, will be allowed seven (7) minutes to speak

For general updates or questions, regarding TDC business, contact the TDC Director during regular business hours (386)330-2220

Chairman, Mr. Charles Thomas, calls the meeting to order

Roll Call by Clerk (or Designee)

Approval of minutes from November 28, 2017 and January 23, 2018

Financial Report

Consent items for approval (Dr. A. Jackson):

Approval of funding for Local Event Marketing Grants- Wellborn Blueberry Festival, Suwannee River Riding Club Rodeo, Wings Over Suwannee, North Florida Heritage Festival.

General business:

Discuss Tourist Development Council terms.

Discuss nonrecurring and recurring local option funding.

Staff update.

Consideration of approval for TDC video for website.

10. Council member items

11. County attorney

12. Other business

13. Additional agenda items (Chairman calls for additional items)

14. Adjourn