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America’s Hope
is You

By John-Walt Boatright  —

I yearn for the day in which logic and reason will win over reckless emotions and a disregard for principled leadership, a day in the not-so-distant future where people do not honestly believe guns kill people, no more than pencils beget spelling errors. A day just beyond the horizon that will eliminate the selective blindness afflicting certain segments of our society.

I beg for the opportunity to witness politicians remove the façade of political correctness and speak with a candor and sincerity deserving of the hard-working voters who elected them. Elected officials who can look one in the eye, regardless of their opinion, and give it to you as they, objectively, see it. Voters are desperate for genuine, real people. This lesson culminated in the election cycle of 2016.

And yet, I also crave a thoughtful, knowledgeable, civil voting public, a public who consciously chooses to discuss the merits of ideas, not denigrate the persons involved. We are human beings, and therefore, each of us is inherently flawed. We may choose to debate whose personal sins are the most offensive, but should we not be more concerned with judgments and voting records? Public policy affects potentially hundreds of millions; thus, why would we not show our due diligence toward policy positions rather than consuming our efforts with the cult of character?

A society who values and understands our heritage, where we came from and how we got here, is tantamount. But, oftentimes, studying and knowing is not enough. You must live it.

Though I’m not certain I could live without the luxurious amenities we have today, such as air conditioning and running water, I occasionally long for the chance to live amongst our ancestors at the turn of the eighteenth century. To be party to the most consequential rebellion in human history.

It scares me because I would not have had the immeasurable courage our Founders held, the conviction to sign a declaration of independence. I’m afraid I would still be in Great Britain.

Perhaps the closest in time to that experience would be World War II and the Greatest Generation. The sacrifice. The suffering. The deep, entrenched love of freedom. It is truly remarkable and unfathomable. I’m not sure I will ever fully comprehend it, and I wish I could.

I am cognizant of the stepping stones in our uniquely American history, which paved the way for our 2017 arrival. We know where we’ve been, but where do we go now? We need a group of bold leaders, just like we did in the 1770s, and even that is an understatement.

A different kind of courage, though. A courage to deny our own citizens the entitlements in which we are fiscally drowning. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security must be reformed. Drastically reformed.

The bravery even to slim down the bloated bureaucracy that is the Defense budget. We can defend ourselves without padding the pockets of defense contractors and amassing stockpiles of unused weapons.

The boldness to redouble efforts to commit to a true definition of what is NOT the function of government, and a much more limited list of what is.