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Shoplifter Gets Help from Grandson, Charged with Felonies

Lake City, Fla., - LCPD: On Saturday, April 8 2017, the Lake City Police Department responded to Belk at the Lake City Mall in response to a shoplifter. Officers arriving on-scene found Loss Prevention associates in the parking lot pointing out a woman later identified as Beverly J. Seay (09/23/1962) attempting to leave the area. Officers stopped Seay, who was accompanied by a young child later confirmed to be her 11-year-old grandson.

Associates in Belk stated that they observed Seay in the store hiding items in her purse, as well as handing items to her grandson to hide for her. Officers observed video surveillance footage from the store and confirmed that Seay had taken items such as a night gown and hid them in her purse. She is also seen on the video placing children’s clothing in her cart, then instructing the juvenile to take the hangers off the clothing and hide them under a nearby rack. After, she is seen concealing the items in her purse.

By the time Seay is seen on video leaving the clothing section, her cart is empty but her purse was visible bulging. Loss Prevention confronted Seay at the doorway as she attempted to walk out of the store. She emptied the items from her purse and walked out, along with her grandson, though she was stopped moments later in the parking lot by LCPD. She denied any wrongdoing, and blamed her God Son for the thefts.

Seay, who has at least two prior theft charges, was arrested and charged with Third Offense Felony Shoplifting, as well as Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. She was transported to the Columbia County Jail.

Arrested: Beverly Joyce Seay
Race/Sex: Black / Female
Date of Birth: 09/23/1962 (54)
Address: 986 NW Early St Lake City, FL 32055
Charges: Grand Retail Theft
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor