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LifeSouth in emergency need for blood donors

Submitted by Laura Bialeck
LifeSouth District Community Development Coordinator

LifeSouth is facing an emergency need for blood donors, and blood shortages are affecting local hospitals.

"Currently we have trauma patients in our hospitals who must receive blood in order to survive," said JB Bowles, Vice President of Operations for LifeSouth. "This week's storms have shut down many blood drives, adding to the severity of the need. We need donors to come in and help by donating blood."

According to Bowles, types O-negative and O-positive, and platelet donations are needed to help patients in local hospitals.
"We ask our community to come together and help make sure our hospitals have the blood needed to help patients," said Bowles. "A medical emergency can happen at any time so please donate today."

If you do not know your blood type or have never donated blood, now is a great time to donate. Donors must be 17 years or older, or 16 with parental permission, and weight at least 110 pounds, and a photo ID is required.

To find a LifeSouth donor center or bloodmobile, call LifeSouth toll-free at 888-795-2707 or go to