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Organic based new ‘foodie’ spot in High Springs

By Gabrielle Stevenson

As the new year takes its first steps into January, so did a unique new business venture in historic downtown High Springs. As of yesterday, January 3, Bambi’s Country Farm Market opened for business on the corner of Main Street in the storefront formerly known as the True Blue Cafe. The Market is set to become a one-stop-foodie-shop sure to spike the interest, and appetite, of any passerby and is officially open, Tuesdays - Saturdays, from 11 AM to 6 PM. The new Market is offering a combination of freshly harvested produce, farm fresh meals, fresh juices and teas, Florida made food items and gifts - all locally produced and sourced naturally.

Newly opened Bambi’s Country Farm Market featuring organically produced and locally sourced food of all kinds is located at 18592 Main Street in High Springs. -Courtesy Photo by Ray Carson

Bambi Liss of Fort White is owner of the new market and has worn many hats in the food industry before she came to Fort White, including macrobiotic chef, caterer, certified food safety handler in commercial kitchens, entrepreneur and even cooking class instructor. It could be said that Liss has become the ultimate definition of a ‘foodie’, as her work in the food industry led her to discover her passion for growing produce organically, naturally and without chemicals and pesticides.

Bambi at her farm with a bouquet of Chinese Cabbage -Photo: SVT Archives

Since coming to Fort White in 2012, Liss successfully started an organic farm that is able to yield a large array of different produce. She eventually began selling her fresh harvested produce at the High Springs Farmer’s Market, held every Thursday downtown. Bambi’s Organic Country Farm was branded and as her farm grew, so did her stand at the Farmer’s Market with new varieties of produce, prepared meals and baked goods that could meet the needs of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free individuals without sacrificing flavor.


As the orders began to gain momentum, Liss decided it was time to look towards cooking in a commercial kitchen and so formed Bambi’s Country Farm Market.

She said, “My vision is to have a little ‘foodie spot’ for people to come grab a sandwich, a bowl of soup, grab some healthy, farm fresh meals to take home with them. We’re going to be bottling our own fresh juices from all locally grown produce. We’ll have Meyer lemonade, Ponderosa Lemonade, orange and tangerine juice, hibiscus tea and more. It will all be fresh bottled in BPA free bottles. We’ll have some refrigeration, where people can literally open up the refrigerator door and grab these items off the shelf. Instead of it being a restaurant, it really will be a ‘grab and go’ and people are welcome to sit out there to hang out and eat if they like. We will have tables and chairs set up outside. We will offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food and baked goods. They’ll be able to grab something they can eat and not have to worry about the ingredients.”

Bambi at High Springs Farmer’s Market in 2015 -Photo: SVT Archives

Bambi’s organic garden at her farm. -Photo: SVT Archives

Another vision Liss has for Bambi’s Country Farm Market is to have a Sunday brunch at the market and donate part of the proceeds to a charity or non-profit in the local area. Liss explained, “That kind of a meal is going to be a farm fresh meal, everything local. That’s really key. It’s all about being local. A lot of people don’t understand that if we buy local and support local, we have a much smaller footprint when it comes to the environment. Every time we buy outside of a local, we’re not supporting our own economy. It’s important. This little strip of stores here is getting more artsy all the time. I feel like that little corner spot could really add to things coming together in High Springs because it’s another little specialty ‘foodie’ spot.”

Liss will be cooking prepared food items and meals from the organic produce grown on her farm, as she always has, and customers can continue to pick up their orders at the farm in Fort White as well. They will also carry farm fresh eggs from chickens that are pasture-raised and fed a non-GMO feed. The market will carry other local farmers produce as well - ones that are grown naturally without chemicals and pesticides. Liss will accept catering orders for anything from events, luncheons, parties, etc. and will also create custom gift baskets filled with unique items for all your fellow foodie gifting needs. The Florida Grub Hub and the New True Blue will be inside Bambi’s Country Farm Market. The Florida Grub Hub sources locally produced food and gift items. The market will also carry fresh baked, artisan breads delivered twice a week from the Flour Pot Bakery of Gainesville.

The community is invited to stop by Bambi’s Country Farm Market, located at 18592 Main Street in High Springs, to see what this new foodie spot has to offer. Liss said, “We’ve branded Bambi’s Farm for the last four years, but now we have a place where people can come to actually taste our food at their convenience right in downtown High Springs.” For more information about Bambi’s Country Farm Market, call 954-907-9759 or email and visit