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***The Water Boil Advisory has been lifted***

Boil Advisory Lifted

Lake City, Fla., – Early Friday Morning the City of Lake City issued a Water Boil noticed to some residents and businesses that lost total pressure after a water line broke near Interstate 75. This morning, October 2, 2016, the test results from two water bacteriological samples sent to the Florida Department of Health lab have been verified as satisfactory.

As a result, those affected residents are no longer advised to boil their water.



Water Boil Advisory for Lake City

Submitted by Wendell Johnson, City Manager

Lake City, Fla., – The City of Lake City experienced a broken water main this morning. As a result, areas on the city’s water system lost pressure. The pressure loss affected the system between Interstate 75 and US 441 east and west, and between Lake Jeffery Rd and Bascom Norris Dr north and south. The City’s Water Tower system maintained pressure integrity at sufficient levels and this issue did not extend throughout the entire city. While some homes and businesses in this area completely lost water briefly this morning, most only experienced partial pressure loss.

The City is issuing a Water Boil Advisory to anyone within the affected area who experienced TOTAL pressure loss. Those who are unsure if pressure was lost are encouraged to boil their water as a precaution. Those who experienced only a partial loss of water do NOT need to boil their water, due to pressure being maintained within the tower. Water should be boiled for two minutes prior to consumption.