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North Central Florida Tea Party
Monthly Meeting

The North Central Florida Tea Party will hold our monthly meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, 2013.  Our topic will be the “The Neighborhood Project” Alex Snitker of the Liberty Empowerment Institute will be our guest speaker.  The Neighborhood Project will teach us how to get out in our neighborhoods and help inform our neighbors in an effort to get out the vote!  Adrian Wyllie, Gubernatorial candidate will also be there.   Please invite your family and friends to attend this important meeting.

We will have copies of the American Patriot Newspaper, petitions for some of the 2014 candidates, a petition for the Preservation of the 2nd Amendment Act, raffle tickets for our fundraiser ($500 gift card) and other information that will help you keep up with what is going on. If you are realizing that this isn’t the country you grew up in, and are concerned about the things going on, please make an effort to attend this meeting.  We need everyone to get involved to help us make a difference in our country!  Come and find out what you can do!  We meet at the Taylor Building 128 SW Birley Ave. in Lake City.  The Taylor Building is located on the south side of U.S. 90 and Birley Ave. approx. 3 miles west of the I-75 interchange.   For more information, call John 386-935-1705, Sharon 386-935-0821 or go to: